Life and Equus Coach Katariina Fallström, known as Kat guides amazing men and women on their path to powerful self-discovery and deep connection with their pets, themselves and their lives.


Kat’s clients find real relief from the feelings of powerlessness, lack of confidence, stress, and struggle in their lives and with their animals.

Through deeply transformational coaching she helps her clients to find the missing something many are looking for. She helps Animal Lovers connect with their animals, resolve behavioural problems and find their own Inner Power and Balance.

Her clients learn to manage their own energy, and become their Own Best Friends.

Kat works with her clients, and their animals in private sessions via Skype all around the world, in person in the park, at the clients house, or at the stables near Amsterdam. 

Kat is a Martha Beck certified life coach, and a by Koelle Simpson Certified Equus Coach. She has a Master’s degree in Business Administration and made a career in IT Procurement where her last role was that of a VP of Vendor Management in charge of negotiating and managing gigantic IT service outsourcing agreements for a large financial institution. She used to be a workaholic, and she has now found that mystical something she was looking for. Becoming a Animal Lover’s Coach was a natural next step for Kat.

Animals, nature and life in general make Kat’s heart sing. As a child, Kat connected with every dog she saw, often causing her mother’s heart to miss a few beats. She walked all neighbourhood dogs, rescued an insured crow, and as a 5 year old caught a lizard and wanted to adopt it. She took the lizard home, rang the doorbell, but her mother who was vacuuming didn’t hear it, so Kat just dropped the lizard through the letter drop into the family’s 2nd floor apartment. Luckily her mother was already used to the critters Kat dragged in, and recovered fast from her initial shock, put the lizard in a box, and later convinced her daughter that the lizard would be happiest living outside with its own family.

Today Kat teaches her clients how they can deeply connect with themselves, their animals and the nature.  Allowing her clients to find their True Power, Inner Knowing, Peace and Balance.

Kat grew up in Finland and lives in Holland. Her native language is Finnish. She coaches and teaches in English, Dutch and Finnish.