I was knee-high in shitty thoughts.  Kat put her Wellies on, brought her shovel, and coached me through the muck that was keeping me stuck. Now, I feel freer and am able to move forward with a feeling of lightness and more ease. 

~ Sleepless in Seattle 

I just noticed one fascinating improvement I didn’t expect to get from coaching. My handwriting has improved! I used to try to change it because I wanted to write more legibly, but I just couldn’t. Now, suddenly my writing looks the way I always wanted it to look. Yes, I also feel more confident, secure and happy, but I really didn’t expect it to show in my handwriting. Thank you! I know this happened because of our work together.

~ Kaisa J, Helsinki, Finland


My mindset has changed. I am more in balance than I was before coaching with Kat, even though I am still learning to really love and respect myself. In my work I find it easier to let go of certain things and it makes my life easier, also in tough situations. My family is noticing the change too. Kat is very cheerful and knows how to get me out of my anxiety. She is honest and there is a real connection. She is good in sensing or feeling her clients. I recommend Kat to all who are ready to change their lives.

~ Lisa D, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Katariina’s warm and gentle approach has helped me to uncover deeper buried aspects of myself and release old fears with an unexpected ease. Her intuitive guidance and trust in my process allowed me to see new ways to curiosity, truth and wonder. My newly found clarity is simply priceless. I highly recommend Katariina to anybody struggling with change and longing for something more profound.

~ S.A., California


I gained confidence and peace in expressing myself. Kat is open minded, warm, relaxed and a good listener. She asks questions without chasing you. At first it felt strange to share secrets with a stranger, but it actually turned out that talking about everything is one of the benefits of being coached. As a man I find it easier to share with a woman rather than a man.

~ Mr. K., IT Manager, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Being coached by Kat has changed my life! I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to improve the overall quality of their life as well as their relationship with themselves and others. Kat has a strong intuitive sense that enables her to calmly and reassuringly guide her clients exactly where they need to go in order to work past the areas that are keeping them stuck. She knew exactly when to push me so that I could soar. I’m so grateful to her and her wonderful coaching skills.

~ Deborah M., Bermuda


I contacted Katariina when I was looking for clarity related a job change. I felt stuck and bored, and as it turns out my thinking was running on a very old track. In the beginning I was very skeptical about being coached on the phone and not in person. I didn’t think I would be able to connect well with the coach, but now I can say that it really works. You can concentrate fully on your own stuff. Hearing new ideas “straight in my ear” somehow magically allowed me to integrate them in my own thinking. I warmly recommend getting coached by Katariina.

~ Susanna R. Tampere, Finland