High5Dog Lovers’ Special is a Coaching Program guiding you to create a Partnership with your dog and Become Your Own Best Friend with your dogs help

Dogs are sentient beings; they have emotions just like we do. They have their own interests, but most of them are open to human influence.

Sometimes dogs take on their human’s fears, struggles and illnesses, sometimes they disconnect from deep connection, and at times they have their own issues. Most dogs expressing behavioural issues are actually deeply connected with their people. Problems arise when we do not understand this connection. The universe does not make mistakes, we are matched with the right dog for us and if problems arise they are there for us to deal with.

I have come to believe that dogs read our energy, and that includes our thoughts. They really know what is going on inside our heads and bodies. Sometimes they misinterpret the object of our attention, but they always know what we are feeling. We can use this connection to communicate with our dogs, but first we have to learn to listen to our selves, our own energy and feelings.

Dogs live in the present moment, they do not spend time pondering the past or worrying about the future. Dogs exist in perpetual creative response to whatever is present, just like Yogi Amrit Desai advises us all to do.

It is difficult for dogs to respond to the emotions we have for abstract situations we think about. When you worry about an upcoming meeting your dog may get concerned about something in the present moment.

In the process of helping your dog you will learn how you influence the world around you. This will change you and as a result everything in your life.

One of my clients had a problem with her dogs severe anxiety attacks in the evenings. The dog would try to escape her apartment by clawing the front door, and even attempting to jump off the balcony. My client was very concerned about this behaviour. It was very disruptive and made her wonder if her dog was unhappy living with her. She was seriously considering re-homing her beloved dog. She had consulted multiple dog behaviourists, and while she received some help this very disruptive behaviour was still a daily occurrence. At the end of our first session she suddenly realised that there was a connection to her thoughts. Every evening she had been thinking about how much she hated her apartment, and how much she wanted to move. The evening of our first session was the first one in a very long time that her dog did not make any efforts to escape!



Dog Lovers’ Special is a Coaching Program help you:

♦    Connect with your Dog 

♦    Resolve your Dog’s Behavioural Problems

♦    Learn to listen to and manage Your Own Energy 

♦    Enable you to know if your dog is happy 


This is a totally new approach to connecting with your dog, Empowering you to realise how powerful you really are, and how you can influence your dog’s behaviour and resolve problems.


♦    You learn to create a partnership with your dog

♦    You enlist your dog as your teacher and lift your relationship to the next level


It is a WIN-WIN-WIN solution – you will both learn, connect and have fun while Your WHOLE life changes for the better. 



The truth is that we teach others how to treat us by the way we treat ourselves. Before others will listen to you, you have to listen to yourself. If you put your needs last so will the rest of the world. You need to become Your Own Best Friend to realise that you live in a friendly world. 

There are no better teachers in the world to teach us how to befriend ourselves than Man’s Best Friends. Let your dog guide you! 

Book a Session and Find A Way To Supercharge Your Life and Empower Yourself and Your Dog!