EFFECTS OF COACHING – What Can Happen When We Get Coached?

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Effects of Coaching

I have been coaching myself, and getting coached for a few years now. The effects of coaching I have experienced during this time are varied. I am in no way saying that I am now done with self-growth, nor do I want to imply that change will take years. I believe change is constant, and that we all really are different people now than we were an hour ago. Coaching simply escalates our growth.

These are the effects of coaching I experienced during these years 

I feel much better now in my own skin, and my skin has actually healed from a rash I was born with.

I have found my inner power, and I care a lot less about what other people think about me. Of course, I still get triggered at times, but mostly I remember that our comments and actions reflect our own inner world not the situations or people we place our judgments on.

The answer is not out there it is inside you!

I have realised that I know best what is good for me. I started to feel it once I learned to listen to myself. I have the inner knowing necessary to guide myself.

There are no one-size fits all solutions

I have stopped trying to squeeze myself in formats others advocate. I listen, learn and may use what fits me and leave what doesn’t.

The most important thing we all should learn is to trust ourselves. We have learned to believe that someone else has all the answers and we look for them in research, we ask specialists, we search the Internet, and newspapers.

The last place we think of looking is inside of ourselves.

For example, dieting, search for health and right nutrition is keeping many people busy. The number of contradicting advice is overwhelming. Looking for this answer outside of oneself has gotten many lost. Why not look inside?

I have realised that the food I eat nourishes my body, and that my body really knows best what it needs. I made several tries of allowing my body to decide, and finally 5 months ago my mind joined up with my body. As a result I effortlessly shed 10kg / 22 pounds of weight in these 5 months.

I now shop groceries that my body wants me to buy – these are often weird combinations, but they always taste divine. I use my body compass to hear my body, and I don’t listen to my mind when it is telling me things like mayonnaise is not healthy. Yes, mayo, full fat cheese and white sugar have been on my menu for a while now. I still sometimes let my mind get involved in the food selection, but interestingly those foods never taste good, not even the chocolates I used to love.

Learning to listen to our inner wisdom is priceless and it will help us navigate all areas of our lives from career and relationships to dog training.

Contact me for more information, and to start a coaching program to learn how you can tap in your inner wisdom and experience the effects of coaching yourself.

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