The BECOME Coaching System is designed to help you put Yourself at the Heart of Your Life


Many of us are used to living our lives from the sidelines. We are only dipping our toes in our lives in an effort to protect ourselves. We tend to also spend most of our time living either in the past or in the future, instead of the present moment.

The Become Coaching System will help you learn who you really are, and put yourself at the Heart of Your Life. It will help you connect with your Inner Wisdom and spend more of your time here and now.

The role of Animals in this coaching system is two fold. Animals are excellent non-judgemental teachers, and when we allow them to become our teacher we Empower both parties and Supercharge our lives. 

The BECOME Coaching System assists you in finding your Authentic Self, Inner Wisdom, Power and Peace. 

You will BECOME Trustworthy – a person You and your animals can count on.


The BECOME Coaching System differs from many others by not teaching you to act like someone else. Instead The BECOME Coaching System will lead you to release the unnecessary baggage and action models you have collected along the way and become authentically you.



Non-Harming Selfishness is important because we are all living in a “me-me” world. Everything in your life is about you and everything in my life is about me. We both decide the importance and meaning we assign to everything around us. This is really good news, because when we truly understand this, we find our Peaceful Inner Power, and understand that life really happens FOR us and not TO us.

Force-Free Joyful Living is a result of the understanding that there is no need for us to be forceful or dominant with any living thing, including ourselves. While it is possible to force some things some of the time, it is much easier and more fruitful to use Peaceful Inner Power in the creation of the life and relationships we want. The use of force will always backfire, it is basic physics; every action force has an equal and opposite reaction force. Paradoxically you will become a force to be reckoned with as soon as you stop using force, and Joy will only be able to enter your life when force is released.


I created the BECOME Coaching System inspired by my own experience in combination of teachings and coaching tools of inspiring individuals. The most influential teachers whose material is intertwined in this coaching system are; Martha Beck, Karla McLaren, Byron Katie, Eckhart Tolle, Abraham-Hicks, dogs called Onni and Ilona, and a horse called Polly.

During my corporate career I attended countless of Leadership and Management trainings. All these trainings were about taking the lead and always staying in charge. They emphasised the importance of being assertive, forceful and dominant under any circumstances.

I tried to follow these teachings but it didn’t feel good, nor did it work.

I pumped myself up with righteous energy and exploded on people. I argued with myself; I believed that part of me was trying to hurt me. I kicked myself to action; I kicked myself for having done things wrong. I was in constant argument with myself, and with the world around me as I tried to force specific outcomes.

Like most corporate employees I took several personality tests as part of management trainings. These personality tests were used to find out which weaknesses I had and how I could to counter act them.

I realised that what I was doing was trying to make myself become someone else. I tried to fit in someone else’s shoes, and that actually made me a forgery or a lousy copy-kat. Being myself, and the only original is the only way I can stand in my power. Enlisting the animals around me as my teachers has been priceless in the process of finding myself.

The Become Coaching System helps you find your way to yourself. It allows you to Empower and Supercharge Your Life.